Go, Girl, Go 🔜 To Switzerland 

Take 2: I accidentally deleted the first one. These blog gods can’t hold me back.

I’m going to write these in chronological order because that’s how my brain works. Get in.

Also, I like lists. They represent order and clean lines and perhaps a little bit of laziness. I need to make sure you’re reading before I pour out my heart and soul to you. Take me to dinner first.

My Top Ten Switzerland Takeaways

  1. Yes, Switzerland was the first country that I ever visited abroad. Very beautiful, but very expensive. Picture a basketball wife on her second husband. Get your euros up.
  2. When I got out of the airport, the air literally smelled like fresh flowers. It smelled that way throughout all of Geneva. So, Swiss friends, what do you do to your air? It’s delicious. I felt like Corinne Bailey Rae in the sunshine.
  3. Waiters get paid salary money there. It’s not like America who feeds their restaurant employees from the leftovers of their patrons. These people get paid real dough. They still like to see Americans coming, though, because we give tips like there is no tomorrow. We think they’re doing menial work and getting paid meager wages. We’re the suckas.
  4. Crepes are also delicious. But whoa, Americans, we have been just hacking the pronunciation of that thing. Get to a Rosetta Stone, quick.
  5. Geneva is the French side, Zurich is the German side. #themoreyouknow
  6. You kinda don’t have to BUT YOU ABSOLUTELY SHOULD pay for all public transportation. It’s really easy not to, Americans, because we are bred in a system of mistrust and the Swiss don’t check your metro card at every turn. However, the Swiss trust us, so pay them! Don’t embarrass me.
  7. Geneva is not the turn up town. I forgot the name of the neighboring city that is, but, remember, Geneva is a business district. Take your turn up to the German side or to….dang, WHAT IS THE NAME OF THAT PLACE? Anyway, it’s not Geneva.
  8. Black American women- they will stare if your hair is any way exotic. You’re already different. It’s not a bad thing. Which…. I hate that word, and I promise to never use it again in an actual conversation about us. But my Senegalese twists had all the boys coming to the yard.
  9. I don’t think they can mentally understand an overweight person. Truly, I don’t. It seems mind boggling to them, so you will probably feel like you are being laughed at if you’re overweight and/or your traveling buddies are overweight. You’re probably not imagining it and they are laughing at you (because revisit the first line).
  10. Visit everything that is there. They have a flower clock, they have done a lot of important stuff in the world, they have 90 million dollar houses, etc. I loved it. I don’t need the turn up. Also, it’s either very safe or again I was feeling like Corinne, because I was on the train all times of the night. I’m talking 2 a.m. and otherwise. That just should not happen in a city.


GoGos (see how I just named you? Boom.)…..Have you ever been to Switzerland? What did I miss? If so, how was your experience as a Black girl overseas?

If you haven’t been abroad yet, why not? 












Next up- France!!

3 thoughts on “Go, Girl, Go 🔜 To Switzerland 

      1. Well, I like the German and the French one more, but the Italian got some charme as well (especially cities like St. Moritz, not only due to the name :D)


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